Friday, January 21, 2011

Worst Sore Throat No Fever

Imbolc Humor

I had been a doctor's appointment this morning, and although it was freezing cold, yet somehow everything feels after just a spring. The air smells different
anything, the birds sing different ... I almost feel, to feel how the snowdrops and crocuses make their way from the earth.
And, although it has not snowed here yesterday morning.
is now melted away everything and it chirps happily outside the window.
Bride is very present and in the odd Celtic horoscope is now the time "my" tree, the Bride explained to me as "my" (which I'm not today have understood correctly) and under the sign I was born in this suspicious Horoscope .
The mountain ash.
time carried the people of Cornwall and Scotland like equilateral crosses from the wood of this tree with him - for protection. And the Druids it was important, it says that the Tuatha Dé Danann were the mountain ash from the land of promise - brought to Ireland - Tir Tairnagire.
Hmmm ... I think I have to write something to the tree. Perhaps I understand more then what damit gemeint ist, "das ist deins".


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