Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hacka Macbook Bluetooth


Today I will just write about writing. Recently, I write a lot. There were letters to my nephew Nicholas, Christmas and on his birthday. And another thing, oh yeah, the Bachelor Thesis. While the first two even more than fun and story were meant latter must be written so academically and also in English - no, not in Chinese.

Well, and I write this blog too. Since then I'm already on the subject - of / the / the blog. Unfortunately I only get little or garkeine feedback on what I post in here. Neither as a comment in the blog or by other means. Although I will be asserted again and again that is read regularly here, but without appropriate feedback I know not at what the readers is interesting.

So, because I write

  1. except experienced had nothing, and
  2. not know what I'm writing here is because I
  3. no feedback get

this time are encouraged to draw readers in the comments something inspiring to write . Some of the readers, I hope to follow indeed messages from and about China, maybe there because sometimes interesting topics?

Überlegt euch was und bis zum nächsten Mal.


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