Saturday, January 15, 2011

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Once in the new year, is it time to get rid of the hard training. Meanwhile, we train the 16 hour per week. With, of course, even long trips GA. Currently the weather is really great for us bikers! ;-)

We are concerned both very good health. Andis carpal bone has healed and made Michi's immune system again. We are healthy and in terms of performance has steadily improved. Michi had at first to struggle with strong endurance problems, no wonder after 3 months sports break. He was the first preparatory phase to moderate, but now it comes back that shape! ;-) Are

news also from UNION XC Club Race Team!

support since the fall of 2010 we are one of the largest Young talents of the region UNION XC Club rookie Michael Kirschenhofer . In particular, we support him in his training schedule. In the coming season we will be Michael with our experience to the side. We are confident that we will be hearing a lot about this young talent and ..... perhaps as early as next season

ifs is news we will answer.

Ride on!


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