Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Irregular Heartbeat, Pain In Chest And Right Arm

Cainneach's Blessing

The thr eef old bles sing on you
The blessing of faith, love and hope
May you always feel the presence of God
And may you always feel cradled in His hand
May you unearth the treasures of your soul
And let them glow like an inner fire
May your fire and love be like a hearth
For friends and strangers to warm at
And may your light shine around you
And spread for everyone to see
May your trust be your chapel and your fireplace
And may you always be aware
Of your own inner beauty

The words were just simply there.
I had only known Cainneach's Blessing, because it primarily for the wonderful friends "from back then in Clonard" are so funny this sounds perhaps like.
Edit: And today (. 21.1) I have given him back the old name again)


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