Monday, January 31, 2011

English Womens Girdles

The first jobs was in the new year

Weather: cloudy and hazy , -5 ° C
Music: Sleep Song - Secret Garden
Here I sit in beautiful music, let my hair after washing, dry, drink some coffee and let the day go slow.
I Kränkel still out in front of me and last night had elevated temperature, which annoys me in the long run quite. But let's see what the result of January so strange and different keywords - even if today this will certainly be a few. I copy times here, as I find them.

angel Barbiel - not quaint. A very nice guy. And searched for quite often.
John of Gaunt - always looking for even more frequently. And a very great guy. Really great. Total toll. And searched in tens of variants.
Henry II - Also totally great. And I am delighted that we will find with such a search to me.
napkins missile - Uh ... yeah ... I'm in kindergarten schonmal made to birthdays.
"I want to be who I am" - Me too. So do I.
Thomas Becket - Haaaach, super nice too!
everything under the sky has its time : Looking In many, many varieties.
Very nice text from the Ἐκκλησιαστής the Septuagint or the Book of Ecclesiastes.
tree balls pop - Have I no. I prefer classical.
castile blanche - Hmm. I know. Blanche de Castille was a niece of Richard the Lionheart and saw the light of day in 1188. She was married very early with Lious VIII le Lion, the son of Philip II of France and was there on the court after all Goeffreys son Arthur as a friend. And now I hear time to on Schwaller.
brother of King Harold - Harold Godwin sunu? The brothers had jo .... Sweyn also Leofwine example, Tostig and Gyrth.
Harold was also sought out a lot and in all possible variations.
evil witch png - Do you think not, I'm sorry.
the wall before the throne of God - Very poetic search and he is comfortable with the Tarot card "The Universe" together, which I have sometimes expressed as personality card.
Edward of Wessex eadwine 933 - Eadwine was the brother of Athelstan's half-brother and the son of the Ælfweard looked for Edward. And died 933rd
horny angel - Hrrrrrrrrrrrr .....
money not in the box-rest - Do not know the saying.
Guy Fawkes Night as it came to holiday - Long story, but you can read here. Jo had, probably had bad luck with, nech -
Harald Harada claim to the throne ?
monastery of Moville, Ireland - * sigh * * * A megaseufz great place.
King of Jerusalem - was, among other times Guy de Lusignan
lindisfarne island - * sigh * * * megaseufz still a great place. And searched in some variants.
me is always bad - Then you should check the doctor and not rumsuchen on blogs.
name meaning moon whispering - Blah? Pretty self-explanatory, right?
turn nose - the power of asking you to. And above all: Not here!
nature spirits seen - Very nice. :)
nerves burn sugar - I do not know, because I do not burn sugar.
never satisfied - sorry.
otter people - Hm?
philipp 2 of france - * sigh * * * Yes megaseufz man the is great!
Roman god Bacchus liegent of leonardo davinci - Lying!
Roman father - the Romans had some ...
say "today" - And the search term you find anything?
darling - yes, there are already great darling.
patron farm - Uh ... Wendy, perhaps? He stands at least for the farmers.
patron saint Columbanus - He must have had bad problems with the lovely Irish women and have buried them in front of Lernerei. Anyway ... he went to Bangor and learned under the magnificent Comgall Abt. : D However, I have no idea why it have the bikers as a patron saint.
senan mac geircinn - still a Celtic saint. You are here staring .
sing geher - humph?
incredibly lonely - This is very sad.
who was william the conqueror? (Erklährt short) - Explained! Not erklährt! And so short you can not.
has reigned as Henry II england? - smashing! In addition to light angels

much, day passes, myself and the blog, and more historical Knüssel that I list now because my answers would be quite sprawling. But
amazing - very much stupid is not it this time.

But here's still the beautiful song with text in the image. :)


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