Monday, January 17, 2011

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5 wonderful days

Great men are they who see that spiritual is stronger than
material force, that thoughts rule the world

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Weather : , 8 ° C
Music: Winter Winds - Mumford & Sons
is the music lively and the weather is spring like with really bright sunshine. Outside, the birds sing and dare to actually the first flowers out.
And after 2Wölfe since noon yesterday is gone.
last week it was very wonderful for five days. We had so much fun, deep insights, conversations and experiences that I can not even put in a blog entry. Since it was not matter that the days were rained out, because we have already used a lot of time to talk, talk, talk.
It was like visiting a very old friend, whom we meet again and it just insanely happy. And it has been found in the course of the day that the simply fact is so. We know three or four non-us until now and since the assumptions and memories that were already there, were then confirmed by feedback.
Somehow we have to really work in a way even on a spiritual level - by said returns, readings and all the many discussions. That might sound deadly serious, but we were in no ethereal clouds, but had a lot of joy, have a lot of laughter but also cried.
That is - I had pinched the wines so far, but it just finally came out a bit. And because of the knowledge that there was a very great man who had such incredible power, such an incredible knowledge and such a firm faith that ich ganz furchtbar lieb hatte - und nicht nur ich. Und dieser Mann hat so sehr an sich gezweifelt und hat sich so lange unglaublich einsam und alleine gefühlt. Dabei hatte er weder jemals Grund für seine Zweifel noch war er jemals allein.
Ja, die Zweifel...Noch so eine Erkenntnis. Das können wir alle gut, an uns zweifeln, unser Licht unter den Scheffel stellen und uns für das, was wir aus ganzem Herzen wollen nicht gut genug fühlen. Und wir haben alle nochmal deutlich vor Augen geführt bekommen, dass wir keinen Grund dafür haben. Dass wir alle vertrauen sollen. In uns und auch in unsere Schnuffis "von oben".
Wir können nämlich schaffen, was wir wirklich möchten und wir können großartige Dinge alleine and also created together. I look forward to all of it.

I said, we have all spoken very much. From Friday to Saturday and Anaitis was here, what was great just great. It just fit all and we are rarely come before 5:00 in the morning in bed.

Yesterday we did not until a little visit in the cathedral (the day before we were at least sometimes in the Altenberg Cathedral), soaked up the atmosphere, but unfortunately demonstrate not much, since service was and the time to 2Wölfes departure is not handed to the waiting. Well, we need to catch up. Like tours in the near and far and and and.

smelled these 5 days in any event after Rose, Weihrauch (Zuhausegefühl), Honig, Comgalls typischem Kräuterduft, Kaffee, Met...und normannischem Camembert, der die ganze Wohnung zudünsten kann.

Danke, dass Ihr da seid, Ihr Schnuffis!
Und Mumford & Sons sagen:
You are not alone in this
As brothers we will stand and we'll hold your hand


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