Friday, July 2, 2010

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Marathon Championships - 126km, 3000hm, 31 ° C

As Michelle and Andy visited in April, the EM track in Montebelluno, both knew that there will be a tough race. But what Andi and Michael enjoyed a day of the race was more than a "normal" long-distance marathon! is not built

On the eve of the race we learned that the bridge over the river Piave. From 116 km were thus approximately 126km. So 10km more in flat terrain.

gathered on Sunday, then the European elite marathon (Lakata, Dietsch, Sahm, Platt, Naef, etc.) in Montebelluna. From the start, was presented the same pace a murderer, the first increase was about 300 meters to 300 meters high mountain, on and around the much of the race took place. The heat was extreme, up to 31 ° C at 300m above sea level. Almost no wind and a glowing sand. It was immediately clear who drink little to no chance today

The course was not really technically challenging, the continuous curves which had a XC race. More than 18 short climbs were spread over the whole course. There was almost no time to disengage or constantly driving on the mountain.

remained at the beginning and Andi and Michael accidentally at the same level, suggesting that we are at about the same level of performance on the road. After 1 hour travel time on the mountain Andi forced the pace. Michael then had a puncture and need to change the rear wheel, well the the defect occurred 100m before the feed zone. In the Hecktik he took to drink what to do with this long stretch without food by the organizer of the mean.

Andi was able to drive 4.5 hours with full power, but then put a stomach pain. The resulting complicated fluid and energy intake caused a decrease in performance in the last part of the race.

But when exactly 50 in the target one must not complain, after all, Andy has never run a race with almost 6 hours! And with a failure rate of 50%, it is quite an achievement to reach the goal. Results

Ride on!


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