Friday, July 23, 2010

Letters About To Inform A Marriage Date

Transalp Tag7 Male Madonna di Campiglio

super power! Andi immediately after Mirko Celestino drives (Vice European Champion 2010) and Marzio Deho position 7 of total lying across the finish line in Madonna di Campoglio!

Andi: "It was a stage that was tailored to me, a lot of uphill and downhill a little after the first increase in asphalt, I had a lead of 1min to the second set in the flat I had to wait for this, unfortunately, lost.. time. In the second and final climb I rode my pace and was able to quickly settle out of the 2nd group and in the course of the climb I passed Mirko Celestino and Marzio Deho. The two overtook me in the past very technical area. Route knowledge probably gave them an advantage. Still, I'm super excited about this race. "


standings after 7 days

--- Overall Ranking Individual Finisher 55 ranked first
Andreas Kirchberger, A-Joching 26:14.19,2
Gijs second Dohmen, NL-Swalmen 28:17.09,2
third Luca Ruffa, CH-Biasca 28:24.47,6



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