Friday, July 23, 2010

I Saw My Daughter In A Bathing Suit

Transalp day6 Ponte di Legno - Male

Andi goes to the 6.Etappe Michis exit as individual riders and the stage will decide together with the Dutchman Gijs Dohmen contest, whose brother was injured in a fall and had to withdraw as well. As Andi obviously is a little stronger still, today was a relatively relaxed stage on which he could still retain some grain in reserve

stage result

Overall standings after Day 6

--- Overall Ranking Individual Finisher 56 classified
1. Andreas Kirchberger, A-Joching 23:37.11,3
second Dohmen Gijs, NL-Swalmen 25:27.23,0
third Luca Ruffa, CH-Biasca 25:28.13,1


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