Friday, June 25, 2010

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On the way to Montebelluna! European Championships

goes in half an hour's happening in the South! Next Sunday is in Montebelluna the MTB Marathon Championship racing program at Andi and Michael. Moreover, even the very first start for the two drivers of the UNION XC Club Mühldorf in an EM!

A brief review of the past weeks and a small preview of the race on Sunday:

Michi had to fight the last few weeks with a very strong bronchitis. "I suffered a nearly 2-week break standing in June, of course, was extremely inconvenient. Through aggressive Training in the last 2 weeks I could work out again but a reasonably good shape. As daft as it sounds, but the EM is for me, unfortunately only in preparation, for I must try as quickly as possible to get a decent racing hard. "

Andi went after his great performance in the Alps Tour, especially on the last leg something quiet to. He trained in about 14 hours per week and now wants to preserve its shape for the Transalp, which has been held here in 2 weeks.

The MTB Championships in Montebelluna has a route length of 117km. An extremely long range, which is to take really great. There is definitely an extremely hard and long race towards us.

fingers crossed ....

.... and ride on!


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