Saturday, November 6, 2010

What Are The Brown Spots From Tanning

Media Market update: Wan Cheng De

My brother has made me with a link to Focus Online point out that the info is in my blog about the media market in Shanghai would have updated what I do hereby - not without pointing out that apparently not everything in a focus article is properly written and researched. Have time and again blamed the Western media with news about China, because they should really work, because otherwise one can understand the negative views of the Chinese about Western media really soon.

opening 17 November 2010
The media market in China is called "De Cheng Wan (万 得 城) with an" N "and inaugurated on Wednesday 17 November 2010 what is on their Chinese and English website, and on huge advertisements in the city. Also, there are indicated on the website 13,000 m² area and not, as in Article 9.500.

Whether the image is real in the article, I will probably only after 17 November can say, at least there is the Chinese name shown ;-)

De Cheng Wan - Media Markt


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