Friday, November 26, 2010

How Do I Find Out The Kind Of Haro Bike I Have

Summary 2010

After last season, which was terminated early for Michi, a resume is still missing from our site.

Andi could show this season back in full. After initial problems with the food he could in the summer really hyper and finally in Transalp enter stage wins, which we did not think the best of intentions.

Transalp - the one Freud, the other suffering: was

for Michael after the departure of the 4th Transalp Stage also equal to the entire season is over. .

given a short statement:
"I was seen this year sporting a very instructive After I've been training in the winter really well, I could celebrate in the spring of first small successes, the entire season but was voted on one race - Transalp.. In June, I was 2 weeks in bed with the flu, was the first sign that something is not right. This evidence was then trained away just after 2 weeks of bed rest. With a lot of pressure and great success attitude was trained until a week before the Transalp, which has given away the body. Long story short: Over training or performance expressed scientifically burnout. Then I took 2.5 months break, but do not train your body only to give it back what I had taken from him for months. Cycling is the way we operate it is purely a tightrope walk. Assuming the degree along, you will arrive at its destination. If we waver, however, by private, health or professional problems ins, you can very quickly be very deep. "

detect such problems in future time and to oppose this, we have put together a small health-care package. Monthly blood tests, ongoing Performance tests and especially the optimal utilization of the regeneration time available for the winter months at the top.

But now, enough of the melancholy words! Everything must go, and the 2011 season is already just around the corner! ;-)

Our motivation and passion for cycling is unbroken, so ....

.... ride on!


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