Saturday, September 4, 2010

How Much Do Weaves Cost?


The housing search then it took longer than I had planned, 2 days were not easy enough. What at the beginning or benefit was because I had already noticed on the first trip to the office that I live better in Jingan than in Hongkou, and so about an hour save travel time, it was a little annoying in the evening after work apartments for . visit

After much "is not soooo good" homes that have offered me the brokers, I was then shown a WG. Which was then also by miles better than all the homes and so today I made the contract with the landlord, but without the broker agency ;-)

Today I sleep but then again in the hostel, and prefer to tomorrow. From Shanghai I can enjoy much more relaxed than with the intention to find an apartment.

on Monday is probably my boss back and I can really get to the office, surely the time passes by quickly.

Michael, Janice and I have already met Ada. Similarly, by chance a Dane I had previously contacted in Facebook for a flat near Tongji University, which shall exercise suddenly one night in the same room in the hostel as me.

The other guests in the room were all Chinese, they were all wegen der Expo in Shanghai und haben sich gleich für 3 oder mehr Tage Tickets gekauft. Auch sind sie dafür um 5 Uhr morgens aufgestanden um möglichst viel zu sehen, oder soll ich sagen, Schlange zu stehen? Jedenfalls waren sie super glücklich und dankbar, dass ich dafür sorgen konnte, dass sie als VIP in den Deutschland Pavillon konnten und nicht anstehen mussten.

Heute war ich dann auch noch kurz in der kleinen Gasse, in der mein Hostel ist; die Duolun Road. Diese Gasse ist den Mitgliedern der Left-Wing Writers gewidmet. Das Lu Xun Museum ist hier auch in der Nähe, genau wie der Lu Xun Park und ein Wohnhaus von ihm. Da war ich überall noch nicht, werde ich aber noch nachholen. In einer Ausstellung über die Left-Wing Writer ( 中国 左翼 作家 联盟 ) today but then I was.

The weather is not quite so wet, no more rain, it slams the sun. During the day about 30 degrees now, 21:32 clock time to 29 degrees.


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