Friday, September 17, 2010

Fun Places To Visit In Bangalore For A Birthday

My internship at Shanghai Volkswagen

Here are some pictures from the Jiading campus of Tongji University, which is about one hour by bus or metro ride away from Shanghai. There was the Volkswagen Research Center of China (大众 汽车 中国 研究 中心) is a small office in the building for Clean Energy Automotive Engineering (新 能源 汽车 工程 中心).

The main entrance of Jiading campus of Tongji University.

course may Flags also be included.

The streets are on a campus that specializes in Automobile nattürlich 2 lanes - each direction ;-)

In this connection interesting building, the road under by.

view of the library and the park.

German Chinese cooperation. The pavilions are being dismantled.

The entrance to the office, I'm in 5th floor (in Chinese), in Germany it is only the fourth.

students tested here including fuel cell vehicles. Here on a small circuit directly behind the building.


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