Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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Third week in Shanghai and Shanghai

For nine years, China Travel, nine times in China I was never happened before. Right 拉肚子 (la du zi) and diarrhea as they say in High German. And at the weekend where I just take a day trip into the 2 hour train ride away, Hangzhou've made. Accordingly, it was not relaxed for me then. Fortunately the weather was not so rainy in Hangzhou as announced and Jan, another trainee at Shanghai Volkswagen, and I could still take a few pictures.

Most pictures were taken around the West Lake and the Lei Feng Pagoda, even though we have never found the postcard perspective it was quite a nice view from the pagoda.
the end, I then searched another electric station for electric cars and found one. Unfortunately, on the grounds of public utility and not freely available. Well, then again with NEM funny taxi driver back to the pedestrian zone. Now we know where 美女 s (Mei Nu's), the pretty girls in Hangzhou ;-) has come


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