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Sightseeing in Shanghai

The weather here in Shanghai last weekend was the super nice. Sunny and 18-22 degrees, so I was way out on the roads. Not always aimless - Fuxing Park - Residence of Sun Yat-Sen, residence of Zhou Enlai:

Marx and Engels



Noch mehr Tanzübungen


Und natürlich die Sicht auf den Media Markt

孙逸仙故居 - Die frühere Residenz von Sun Yat-Sen

The former residence of the Republic's founder Sun Yat-Sen
Sun Yat-Sen

Sun Yat -Sen ( 孙逸仙 , Sūn Yixian) lived from 1866 to 1925 and was founder of the first Kuomingtan as Provisional President of the Republic of China founded in 1911. Today he is revered as the father or founder of modern China. His second wife Soong Ching-ling, whose residence in Shanghai, I also will visit. There is another residence of her there in Beijing, a worthwhile visit. S0ong Ching-Ling, one of the three Soong sisters, was from 1949 to 1981 Vice President of the People's Republic of China. She had gone to Sun's death on the side of the Communists.

Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum is located in Nanjing. Known today for his three principles of the people ( 三民主义 , sānmínzhǔyì )

  1. 民族 主义 , mínzúzhǔyì ("nationalism")
  2. 民权 主义 , mínquánzhǔyì („Demokratie“)
  3. 民生主義 , mínshēngzhǔyì („Volkswohl“)

周恩来故居 Die frühere Residenz von Zhou Enlai

Eingang zur früheren Residenz von Zhou Enlai
Dieser Buick soll angeblich noch fahren (ist aber auch ein photographed replica)
His statue
The house from the garden

The former residence of Zhou Enlai was the code name for the Shanghai Office of the Communist Party of China. They wanted to raise suspicion. Mao made Zhou Enlai in 1949 after the founding of the People's Republic of China Prime Minister. As Sun Yat-Sen genoss Zhou Enlai Ausbildung im Ausland. Der 1898 geborene Zhou erlag 1976, kurz vor dem Tod Maos, dem Krebs.

田子坊 - Tianzifang - Old Shikumen District in Shanghai

Mehrmals war ich dann im Tianzifang Viertel, dort gibt es einige Künstleratelies, Nippes-Shops, Boutiquen, Bars und Restaurants. Leider ist das Essen dort sehr teuer und nichtmal besonders gut.
wheel and door :-)
teddy bears
eine weitere Gasse
ohne Worte :-)
Schwarz-Weiss Foto
Teddybär Thai Restaurant
Shanghai History - silk business

长风 公园 - Changfeng Park

And then I've never enjoyed Lei Feng in the park behind the East Normal University met.
Lei Feng
as Comrade Lei Feng

Comrade Lei Feng (雷锋 Lei Feng) was born 1940 and died in 1962 under dubious circumstances. Apparently, a truck rammed a lantern that Lei Feng was then slain. Mao Lei Feng was a model soldier in the 1960s and used "Learning from Comrade Lei Feng" campaign for him (向 雷锋 同志 学习, Xiang Lei Feng Tongzhi xuéxí). The authenticity of the diary published in 1963 is disputed by some critics. In general, there are few sources of Lei Feng. On 5 March each year is Lei Feng Day, everyone is called to do something good, because Lei Feng was known that he sacrificed himself to help others.

Even today, one can occasionally T-shirts, bags or other "revolutionary" Lei Feng's Souvenirs to buy face. Is it any wonder that I both a T-shirt as well would have a bag, and my ringtone is also a song Lei Feng :-)

Now remember what I was reading. The last book I've been through, now I read "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change" by Stephen R. Covey.

Der letzte interessante Film den ich hier im chinesischen TV gesehen habe ist "Beggar Su" oder " The True Legend of Beggar Su " (苏乞儿 Su Qi-er) mit Michelle Yeoh, Andy Ong, Jay Chou und David Carradine. Der Film erzählt die Geschichte des Kämpfers Su, der den Drunken Boxing Stil erlernt nachdem seine Frau getötet wurde. Er erinnert an die alten Kung Fu Legenden.

" The True Legend of Beggar Su " (苏乞儿 Su Qi-er)


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