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Brown Hair With Blonde Chunk

圣诞节 快乐 - Merry Christmas

This is it, Christmas is over and we have the first Christmas Day. In China, for 13 hours in Germany for 6 hours. I apologize before, that I have no pictures for the following story. Although I had my camera, but was busy with other things. You have so much time all over Christmas, so read yourself ..

my Christmas Eve I spent with Ada. We want to meet us at the Raffles City Shopping Centre in the heart of Shanghai in the Peoples Square. On the clock power was 18, but it should be otherwise.

already on the way there was with me late. Not because I as so often, I went to go late - no, the Metro Line 2 was once again so full that I could enter only two subway trains later, because there were so many people before me ...

Ok, so I wrote a text message and Ada that I'm about 10-15 minutes later, her answer, "I'm not even there" :-) This is a problem but not enough, I was in the original number provided. I thought we will meet on output 14 which leads directly into the shopping center. This is but output 13 have been. Under normal circumstances it would have been a problem. A quick call and you would have met - but not at Christmas in Shanghai.

We obviously were not the only ones who wanted to meet there, there were an incredible number of people there. The Chinese say 人山人海, foreigners like "people mountain people sea" or "people mountain people sea". This means something like "countless people". Not only that, a sea of \u200b\u200bpeople gathered there, and seemingly aimless wandering, no, a lot of calls and to also find their appointment.

well should be one in the 21 Century not disturb but it came as it had. 40 minutes have Ada and I tried to call us each other without success. The mobile phone network was overloaded, no one came through. After a very long time and with the help of SMS messages that were delivered in a delayed, we were able to finally meet.

The alleged Christmas show or whatever it should be, we have deleted. We are first out of the crowd, go where it should be empty. Outside, a bitter cold wind was blowing and it was so uncomfortable that we clean the same in the next Shopping Mall. Normally you can eat there also always good and we took a completely overloaded elevator up to the sixth floor where there is a good Korean Restaurant there. We have to wait there for an open space before us was clear. My mistake, that we had nowhere reserved. The number of people waiting but there was so great that we do not appreciate to get under two hours of waiting time a place. That was us too much, so on to the next ...

In another mall there was an Italian. Not the best in town, but not necessarily bad. With just 20 minutes waiting time being advised of an alternative.

Even while waiting for one got the menu, nothing unusual. The Christmas dinner consisted of three possible menus in their basic balances the courts. Chicken legs and beef with black pepper. Only the side dishes and the price were different, really good conditions for promte operation. After 20 minutes of waiting but it should be otherwise.

The operation told us that the cheapest rich menu for 159 yuan (about 19 €) for two persons would, if not, we can order from the map yet. Well, we'll order it. Cutlery was discovered and soon came the beef already. Very clear with sparse vegetables (two broccoli, a cherry tomato) - we wanted to wait for the other dishes. There was a soup with a spoon, and four chicken thighs, with a cherry tomato. After the drink we had to call, then came up with a glass straw. We wanted a second, empty glass, and another straw ...

After we started eating, we were already quite quickly finished what we had. It still lacked potato wedges, bread with tomato, another vegetable and ice. The second glass with straw was after zig-time issues still not there. While we all pretty much bequatschten vorbeiflitzende Bedin, and constantly "等一会" (One moment please) heard, we realized that was expressed in most other tables are also increasing the "criticism".

More than an hour had passed and we had neither the outstanding food, still get the required glass. Saturated, we were not. At least one had given us but the menu and we had not chosen a rice risotto with prawns and pineapple, not yet ordered. The growing discontent surrounding the guests also made me stop at nothing. I did not want to order more there - then came the potato wedges. After the first bite, the rising hope was short then vanished again. It was a hair in the food - of course, wanted the operation to return the food immediately objected, but again we did not want to wait sooooo long. They had at the next table for 30 minutes and suckled only by their juice and nibbled on the chicken thighs.

We decided we do not longer to wait and pay. For me of course, that we do not pay full price, we called the operation. That could not decide so we could come to their superiors. Also of course, was to "damage control" efforts and promised the outstanding food would come immediately. The experience of the couple at the next table and of course what has happened to read, we seem not quite credible and feasible. We refused. After Ada explained again what happened to the man we agreed to pay only the food received. The sum of the prices of the menu, then led about 83 yuan (just under 10 €), which we paid and went. The run around from there, Chinese Santa Claus distributed gifts we did not get.

hungry we left the restaurant, it was now already 21 clock. Ada was a little disappointed, I found the situation and the behavior of employees in the restaurant (unfortunately) amazing characteristic of much of what one experiences in China as a service. For services in restaurants, shops, hairdressers and the like you can experience many different facets. Many do such a thing as "working to rule and stick with the most. to others, not few, the customer really give the feeling of "king" to be. It is unfortunately often in the B2B business (Business to Business, or business).

said So much for the chapter experience, Ada me that she had never experienced such a thing before in Shanghai. I told her she should simply dismiss it as an experience and not get angry. The coffee we then wanted to drink at a Starbucks nor do we have to cancel too, it was all too full and there were no seats.

After many text are now but a few pictures and links to the Christmas spirit in China and Shanghai. The pictures are not from me but from other websites. Click the picture or signature should lead you to the source and more photos.

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My next post will deal again with something cultural. I have been an issue, it has to write just yet - stay tuned, and Merry Christmas!


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