Sunday, February 20, 2011

Can Any Industrial Barbell Be Your First Barbell

Wings of Inspiration Logo

First of all here in the post very many thanks for your nice wishes! I was very pleased and had a truly beautiful day.
The sun shone, we were in Belgium (including the monastery Val-Dieu) and the evening was celebrated at Anaitis and love Kaiya was also there. This was a super nice surprise, there was raclette and hot stone and we've talked in the morning by 4.

The days we have finally set up an art rather than an art blog page. Available at Wings of Inspiration . For this I have just drawn a logo, which now comes first in the footer and will be used so as identification.
Let's see how we use it yet.
And if ImageShack rumzickt no further, you can see it:

This goes for all the world go by accident: No use without permission.


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